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cache type On Top of an Esker cache size

This cache has been retired.
Please do not look for this cache.

by Junglehair
(Finds: 23  Score: 117.5)    (Hidden: 18  Score: 69)

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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 03.780'   W 077° 27.679'
Fairport,   New York   14450
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 14 Jul 2002
Waypoint (Landmark): N002D2
Open Cache:  Personal use only
Cache type:  Normal
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps gps (easy)
Terrain: gps gps gps (moderate)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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This cache is located along part of The Crescent Trail in Perinton.

The trailhead is located at N 43° 03.188 / W077° 27.851. Parking is available across the road at the Horizon Hill parking area. This will be a fairly long and strenuous hike through a hilly woodland area along well established trails. Be sure to take plenty of water and bug spray with you (although I wasn't bothered by the bugs when I placed the cache).

The terrain is result of the Wisconsin glaciation approximately 20,000 years ago which also carved the finger lakes. You will be hiking to the top of an esker (a long, low snake-like ridge of sand and gravel, created when the deposits of subsurface glacial streams are placed on the ground after glacial melting).

The cache is in a clear plastic container with a green lid and contains various dollar store items. It shouldn't be too difficult to find, but the dense tree cover in the summer could wreak havoc on your GPS. Feel free to post alternate coordinates if you find that mine are off. The accuracy on my GPS was around 30 - 50 feet when I placed the cache. Good luck!

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    Sbe gubfr jub cersre gb 2pnpur naq qnfu2< gurer vf na nygreangr genvyurnq ng A$#° @#>(($ ? J@''° "'>&$#> Sebz gurer vg vf bayl >!" zvyrf gb gur pnpur ybpngvba> Ohg vs lbh rawbl uvxvat< gnxr gur ybat ebhgr = vg7f qrsvavgryl jbegu vg1

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I found it! 23 Nov 2006 by  thia  (Finds: 46  Score: 175)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

catch up on old logs...
don't even need to look at my notes for this cache...my leg muscles remember it well!
Once in the GZ area, I located the cache quickly, but the coords were off a bit.

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I found it! 02 Jun 2006 by  realmofmyst1  (Finds: 16  Score: 66)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Taking sometime to post all my finds from gc.com to here, so the date is not correct.

I thought I'd never get to this one. Some great trails I'd never been back on on before.

I found it! 21 Apr 2005 by  Bearpaw  (Finds: 56  Score: 233.5)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 16.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I was going to go for a jog, but instead I decided to tackle this cache. I figured with the difficulty rating it would be a challange. Anyways, I used the cache -n- go cords, which by the way, was impossible to get to unless you go through private property. I ended up going through a deadend driveway to get to the area. I had to rough through a few very big hills and some flat terrian to get to the cache. My GPS lost single a couple of times and I had to wait for 5 minutes at one point to regain my single. Finally I made my way towards the cache location. I came within 6 feet of it and spotted it right away. I signed the log and snapped a pic using the kodak inside the cache box. It was a very good workout!! My sidekick wasn't on this one. Too dificult for the little guy.


I found it! 08 Jul 2003 by  jackbear  (Finds: 13  Score: 55.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Cool hidden place, this trail is. Tried it several months ago, couldn't find the trailhead. Got a map online, and figured it out. Then my buddy Dom and I decided to stick to the trails, and we circled around this for awhile. Finally committed to getting closer, and found it as avertised. It was a beautiful spot and a good challenge. We took the last picture on the camera! We ate some smarties, and left Checkers the travel bug, who wants to go somewhere hot and dry. Thanks for an adventure....lots of p.i. people, watch were you step!

I found it! 01 Jun 2003 by  Road Kill  (Finds: 54  Score: 244.5)    (Hidden: 11  Score: 55)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Prof and I met two newbees on our way to the cache. We traveled with them for a while but spilt up when units read 200 feet from the cache (They bee lined we stayed on path). We met up again about 50 feet from the cache but we were headed in different directions. At any rate, when we found the cache the newbees were nowhere in sight. We signed the log book, took picture #4 on the cache camera, took nothing and left nothing. As we left we yelled "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" but heard no reply from the newbees. I can only hope they had success.

Road Kill is grinning

I found it! 23 Mar 2003 by  WMSFresh  (Finds: 140  Score: 612)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 24.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Last time we went here on March 1st, we walked the long route, so we decided to look for the short way in this time. After driving around a bit, found the right path in. Found cache at 4:10PM w/ our friend Sue. Nice hide, exactly where we were looking a 3 weeks ago, except w/o all the snow this time, much easier to locate! Took a pic, nothing else. Thanks for getting us back out there.

The Peppermill 6-Pack

I couldn 08 Feb 2003 by  Road Kill  (Finds: 54  Score: 244.5)    (Hidden: 11  Score: 55)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Introduced a friend and potential newbee to caching on this one. Had a nice afternoon walk in, but no luck finding the cache. We searched through the snow about a half hour with no results. The walk out got us back at the car as the sun was setting so that we experienced various shades of orange along the walk. Snapped 20 digital photos and captured the three bears. Missed the cache but found the treasure. Thank you junglehair
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  cameraThe three bears

I found it! 23 Oct 2002 by  Blackpete  (Finds: 406  Score: 1774)    (Hidden: 19  Score: 73)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

found it at 5:20 pm. Took the long hike. Lots of switchbacks but a nice area. Didn't know this area existed until now. Looked around a few minutes until we honed in on it. Took nothing, left nothing. Had to hussle out of there as we were losing daylight in the lower areas. Thanks for the nice hike.

I found it! 28 Sept 2002 by  crusaders  (Finds: 26  Score: 123.5)    (Hidden: 3  Score: 14.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

It was another team effort as Onamission and my bro were with us on this one. We decided to “dash for the cache” by parking on the street and taking the short way through. For a late September day, it was quite warm and we were feeling the effects after walking up and down a few hills. The crescent trail was new to us and did not know what to expect. Thanks for showing us this area. We’ll be back again.

I found it! 21 Sept 2002 by  iFinder  (Finds: 7  Score: 35)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

This was a hard cache for us: we started down a trail on the wrong side of the road. When we were a quarter mile in, we realized our mistake :) So we decided to continue and enjoy the walk.

We came back to the car, and then looked at the area map to find the correct trail. We found it, but it appeared that we might be trespassing on private property. The lush green lawn of the neighboring homeowner made it appear that the trail had run out.

So we walked back to the area map and checked it once more, then gingerly walked around the pristine lawn and spotted the trail continuing on.

Its a tough path with lots of ups and downs, and it is 0.84miles to the cache via the path, as opposed to 0.7x miles from the parking lot as the crow flies. Take plenty of water, and a small snack so you can celebrate. We did, and we were thankful to find the cache.

The Tupperware container is full to the brim, so we carefully packed it up. Folks should not leave bulky packaging on treasure items: eats up space. We took a pendant and left a red Silly Putty. We also took a photo on frame 17.

Thanks for the wonderful cache,


Note 23 Aug 2002 by  ROCKY  (Finds: 48  Score: 221)    (Hidden: 21  Score: 89)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Once again a very nice place in beautiful hardwoods. I enjoy them so much! The terrain made sat reception a little jumpy but no real problem finding the cache. Thank you for the hide, we enjoyed finding it very much.

I found it! 19 Aug 2002 by  She  (Finds: 126  Score: 552.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

No cache and dash here...took the long way in. Had never been on this part of the Crescent Trail. Took nothing; left nothing. But, I found a trail map on the ground as I was heading to the car...and, you know what they say "Cache in, Trash out". I still have that trash and use it often.
Thanks for the hide.

She of SueShe

I found it! 27 Jul 2002 by  Harv and Donna  (Finds: 152  Score: 707)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

8th of 10 finds today. Found at 3:45 PM
Came in the short way. It was way to hot and muggy for any long hikes for me. GPS got me close, but kept loosing the sats. Walked around for a while and finally found it. Guess since HFJOHN with over 300 finds had the same problem I shouldn’t feel too bad. At cache, GPS said 25 feet, not bad for all the tree cover. Signed log, took picture #24 with cache camera. Took/left nothing except a squirt of bug spray. Thanks for the challenging hide.
Harv & Donna (without Donna)

I found it! 17 Jul 2002 by  Broncoholics  (Finds: 93  Score: 444)    (Hidden: 15  Score: 58.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

You know you've got it bad when you take a wrong turn going to work, and find yourself driving to a cache; wanting to be the first! Alas! Hinge has it worse than I!! You dog, you, Hinge! LOLOLOL

Still had a good time, though! Used the bug spray and gave Chi a bone. Also took a pic with the camera and signed log.

Thanks, Junglehair!

Duane from


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