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by The_Hunters
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 25.511'   W 073° 43.221'
Lake George,   New York   12845
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 26 Jun 2005
Waypoint (Landmark): N01A67
Open Cache:  Unrestricted
Cache type:  Normal
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps half gps (easy)
Terrain: gps gps (easy)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

Note that you do not want to take the Prospect Mountain road, scenic drive. The trail is free and without time restictions. You can get a map to the trail head at the scenic highway if you have trouble getting to the coordinates.

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Hi, Cache is on Prospect Mountain in Lake George. NOTE, these coordinates are for the START of the TRAIL, not the exact location of the cache. I could not get a good signal on the mountain as the day was overcast. None-the-less, start at these coordinates and take the metal stairs to the trail. Take the right fork in the trail and find the cache in an area of large rocks on the left just after passing a set of stone "stairs" on the right.

The cache is a rubbermaid container with white top and is well hidden. If you are able to obtain coordinates while at the cache please e-mail them to me (hunter_jeremy@hotmail.com) and I will update the post, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I found it! 14 Aug 2011 by  tomandsue  (Finds: 1  Score: 3.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Didn't know about navicache.com until we stumbled upon this cache while looking for one from Geocaching.com
Our first find!
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I found it! 16 Apr 2011 by  cpassage  (Finds: 1  Score: 3.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Some friends and myself we're taking part in a charity hike to raise money for the victims in Japan due to the earthquakes and tsunami that hit on 11 Mar 2011. I came across this and immediately recognized that it was a geocache, and after explaining it to my friends, I signed the log book inside and the only thing I had to leave was my Japan Relief wristband that I was wearing for the hike. :-) Kinda exciting to just stumble upon one after wanting to do it for such a while but never getting off my butt to do it. I read a previous post about this cashe, and I honestly can't say how somebody would have missed it, much less searched for hours. Unless it's somehow been moved at some point.... I took a pic.

  cameraCache exactly as we found it.
  cameraPhoto 2

I couldn 10 Aug 2006 by  Bjornian  (Finds: 0  Score: 0)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I looked for over an hour at both stone stairways. overturned rocks, stuck my hands in dangerous places and could not find this cache (the hour is only of looking not walking to the area). Beautiful hike. The metal overpass is just off exit 22.


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