cache type Morgans Adventure cache size

by Quinn
(Finds: 75  Score: 376)    (Hidden: 34  Score: 132.5)


Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 04.608'   W 077° 48.156'
North Chili,   New York   14514
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 07 Apr 2001
Waypoint (Landmark): N00035
Cache type:  Unknown
Cache size:   Unknown

Difficulty: gps half gps (easy)
Terrain: gps half gps (easy)



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Black Creek Park...You can find Entrance on Route 259, 1/2 mile south of route 33A

This Cache is a .50cal ammo box (retired)containing a single use camera for you to take a picture of yourself or group.
Also contains a Hitchhiker M&M Dude that I would like for any person who intends on placing a cache in the very near future to take back and place in that cache. I want to see how far I can get the fellow. If you can, please take a picture of him where you place him in his new location, then I will add that to the site when you send it to me. There are several other very nice items of great Interest as well as the Logbook. Please!...if you take an item I would be happy if you replaced it with another.

Now the location... This cache is located within the "Black Creek Park". A very nice as well as large park with several trails that run you through some very nice scenic areas. Bring your family along on this one as there is a brand new play ground for the kids to use as well as ponds and a creek to do some nice fishing. If you wish to see more of the location and park contents visit this following link I have included pictures of the cache as well as pictures to give you some good hints. I will mark the pictures that will help you a great deal in your search, so only look at those if you want clues!

Some areas are a tiny bit wet at the time I placed this, so wear some light boots if you intend on searching. Nice easy walk and light Terrain. cache was named by my seven year old daughter!

By the way...I was with a friend when this cache was placed and we completely filled two plastic Garbage Bags with bottles and cans on the way out ( Left one cache, Cleaned an Entire Area!)