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by cbx2
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 33° 22.291'   W 111° 52.723'
Mesa,   Arizona   85202
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 06 Mar 2002
Waypoint (Landmark): N001CE
Cache type:  Unknown
Cache size:   Unknown

Difficulty: gps half gps (easy)
Terrain: gps half gps (easy)


Coordinates given are false. To get credit for this cache you must find a Yellow Jeep Wrangler and post its picture along with the GPS coordinates the picture was taken at. The more detail the better. Also no dealer lots or stolen pictures from the Internet.
Can also log on and go to:
State: Arizona [state map]
Hidden on: 3/6/2002
Use Waypoint: GC3FFB

Maps are queued for generation.

Even though this cache is submitted under the state of Arizona for map purposes, it can be done by anyone world wide.

In celebration of Team "Wyle E" passing the 300 caches. We dedicate this cache to Larry and his yellow jeep. May your next 300 be just as fun and rewarding.

I hope to have the world's largest collection of Yellow Jeep pictures to present to Larry someday. Maybe he can get some cool ideas for Wyle E.

We are hoping to have Jeeps pictures world wide. So spread the news. Its a yellow jeep fever!!