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by cacherunner
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 49° 11.780'   W 124° 05.325'
Cache may be on the move/travelling.
Please read the log entries for current status.

Metchosin,   British Columbia   
Canada    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 09 Jan 2005
Waypoint (Landmark): N00FA6
Cache type:  Moving/Travelling
Cache size:   Large

Difficulty: gps (easy)
Terrain: gps (easy)



We have not implemented maps outside of the U.S.A. ... YET!

South Island Limousine is a traveling cache. Once found, the cache finder is requested to pick up the entire cache and re-hide it in a new location, somewhere on Southern Vancouver Island. South Island Limousine is always either PARKED (available to find) or EN ROUTE ( On the road). You are advised to check this page in advance of seeking the cache to confirm it's current status.

South Island Limousine is currently: PARKED(21:01 Jan9)The Limo has traveled: 2822km by road.

Make sure you read the current logs below, as the cache can move a little more quickly then we can update the page. The above status may not be correct. Hiders, please log your re-hide as a note on the cache page, with new difficulty/terrain ratings, hints, and coordinates.

South Island Limousine can be found and logged over and over, as it will always be in a new location. The cache is a camouflage painted 5 litre rectangular Tupperware container.

Once you find the cache, pick it up and take it with you. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A PIECE OF THE SURVEYOR'S TAPE AND MARK THE LOCATION TO INDICATE THAT THE CACHE HAS BEEN FOUND AND REMOVED. THEN USE THE FELT PEN IN THE CACHE TO MARK THE TAPE WITH YOUR USERNAME, AND THE DATE AND TIME THAT YOU PICKED UP THE CACHE. This will save the next cachers time and frustration looking for a cache that no longer is there. It will also save some ecological damage, from unnecessary searching. When you log your find, please state in the log if you are moving the cache or leaving it in the present location. While you are not required to move the cache, that is a lot of the fun of it.

Please email us immediately upon finding the cache. DO NOT wait until you re-hide it. (click on "Contact a Cacher"at the top of this page)

Log the find on this page. We will change status from PARKED (available to find) to EN ROUTE ( On the road). so that other cachers will know it is on the move and no longer at its posted location.

Re-hide the cache as soon as possible after you find it. Make sure that there is no surveyors tape near the area of the re-hide. Email us the new coordinates, the date re-hidden, and the new difficulty ranking (i.e. 1 / 2). We will update this page with the new location, new hidden date and difficulty rating. The new hidden date will flag the cache as new when searching for local caches.

NOTE: When you move and rehide this cache, you are responsible for maintaining it until it is found by a new cacher.

If this cache gets plundered or stolen, then the last hider MUST REPLACE IT with a new cache, at or near the same location. If you are not prepared to do this, then please do not participate in this cache hunt.

If necessary, add a log entry to this page and include any comments or hints that may be required for the new location (use a log type of "Post a note") We will delete your note after updating the page.

1. We request that South Island Limousine be kept on Southern Vancouver Island. We also request that the locations be limited to the Greater Victoria area, ( Out to French Beach is OK), the east side of the Island as far north as Qualicum Beach and as far west as Cameron Lake on Highway 4, and west on Hwy 18, as far as Honeymoon Bay. It is possible that we will open up more locations later on, if demand warrants.

2. The hiding place must be kept reasonably accessible. This will allow all the local cachers to find and re-hide the cache, over and over again. If you have found South Island Limousine before, you are welcome to search for it again after it is re-hidden by another cacher. Essentially, if it is in a new location, it is a new cache, and it is considered as a new find for you. Please keep the location difficulty and terrain at, or below, 2.5.

3. South Island Limousine must move at least 2000 meters from the previous location each time it moves.

4. In the event that South Island Limousine is not found at it's new location after 30 days, the previous hider must retrieve, and rehide it, in a more accessible location.

5. You MUST BE PREPARED TO REHIDE South Island Limousine within 7 days of finding it. All hiding locations MUST ADHERE to the placement requirements.

Another Note: If you're very new to the great game of Geocaching, This might not be the cache for you to try, as the skill of hiding caches comes from the experience of finding them. If this cache has the staying power of Vancouver Island Transit, it should be traveling the Island for quite awhile and we all should be able to have several tries at it.

SUGGESTION: It sometimes is best to check South Island Limousine's nearest caches as you prepare to hunt it, as you may find it has been placed near a cache you have not yet done.

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