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This cache has been retired.
Please do not look for this cache.

by WhiteUrkel
(Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)

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cameraPicture clues below!
Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 00.815'   W 078° 44.475'
This may not be the actual cache coordinate.
Getzville,   New York   14068
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 27 Mar 2004
Waypoint (Landmark): N00F2E
Open Cache:  Personal use only
Cache type:  Multi-Part
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps gps gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps gps gps (hard)

Misc: No drinking water! There are restrooms (water closets) available No pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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A 3-leg multi-cache in the Great Baehre swamp of Amherst; so named as it is located in Margaret Louise Park, a 48 acre town park. A short description from WNYRIN.com:
Great Baehre Conservation Area is 270.0 acre state owned wetland in the Town of Amherst in Erie County .
This area is located in the along Hopkins Road between Klein Road and Heim Road intersections.
47.83 acres of Great Baehre town wetlands adjoin the Great Baehre State Land, known as the Margaret Louise Park. The town also owns an additional 139.83 acres of adjacent undeveloped area known as the Great Baehre Conservation Area.

Per the pics below, there is a nice boardwalk traversing the swamp that people can take a leisurely stroll on. But unfortunately, you won't be using it; you will be traveling IN THE SWAMP!!

A couple of quick pointers on swamp caches:

DO mark your car. Everything looks the same in a swamp.

DO carry a walking stick. To poke ahead of you, and to help free yourself should you end up knee deep in muck.

DO NOT bring children or pets to this cache.

Park at N 43 Deg. 00.823' W 078 Deg. 44.341'

The first 2 legs are small tupperware containers (Will be upgraded to Decon containers with cache coord cards later, after I get some feedback on the listed coords).
The final leg is a .30 cal ammo box, painted black, stocked with adult items. (No, not those kind of adult items, silly).

Obviously, GPS coverage is terrible in the swamp.
I and future seekers would appreciate feedback on ALL coords. Please Average your readings, and contact me via email if your results differ from mine.

Have fun. (LMAO)

Clue decoding tables - Top letter or symbol decodes to bottom letter or symbol:



Clues:    decode

  • Leg 1: 
    Ab arrq gb trg lbhe srrg jrg

  • Leg 2:

    Leg 2:
    Lhpx1 Zhpx1

  • Leg 3: 
    Lhpx1 Zber Zhpx1


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I found it! 20 Apr 2006 by  Gryffindor1  (Finds: 52  Score: 202.5)    (Hidden: 8  Score: 25)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I finally got my computer back - albeit with most of my stuff gone. It's good to be back and (mostly) running. Now to catch up on old business...

Geez Louise! This was fun!

This cache has been on my To-Do list pretty much from the time I had learned about Geocaching... I finally had it on my calendar to conquer last week and I really tried hard not to let the fire to the Geo-truck stop me, but after spending most of my day off sitting in the repair shop, I just didn't have the time. This week my computer crapped out on me - but I wasn't going to let *that* stop me! I had the waypoint already downloaded in my GPS

Leg 1 was no problem at all.

Leg 2 was just pure evil. Once I was in the general area, no matter what direction I walked, my GPS told me I was going in the wrong direction. After losing satellite reception twice, I just gave up using technology and did a systematic search of every possible hiding place for the container. And there sure are a *lot* of great hiding places around here! The leaves aren't even on the trees yet - how can anyone even try this in the summer????!! Let me interject here that I am most grateful the to the Swampmaster Urkel that he did not use a micro for this leg I was most proud of myself when I (finally!) found the container It was definitely swampy here, and I enjoyed every minute of it - it was just an absolutely gorgeous day for a walk through muck.

Leg 3 was not hard to find, and it was pretty dry in this area. The final coords were off by about a 100 feet on my GPS, which means nothing, but after leg 2, that seemed like GZ!

I took the Grip Clip and left a pack of Mountain Dew playing cards. I wish I had brought something else with me to trade - there are two other packs of playing cards already in the cache. I guess I just added to the variety

After getting back to the parking lot, I couldn't resist a walk on the boardwalk. I've driven by this park/swamp about a million times, but this was my first time visiting. It's a really nice area.

I took a bunch of pictures, of which I will post some here once I (hopefully) get my own computer back. And I would like to thank my good friend Pat for allowing me the use of her computer so I can log this find!


  cameraSkunk Cabbage in the Swamp
  cameraAnyone Lose a Cacher?
  cameraPark Residents

I found it! 03 Dec 2005 by  Szuchie  (Finds: 146  Score: 577)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 26)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

(Urk...notice in the last paragraph...I used the work "dastardly"...it's no "wonky", but it made me giggle...hahahaha). And now the log:

Haha...reading Madmann's cache log...that idiot was (embarrassed) me!

We were coming back from Tonawanda and decided to hit up a few caches I had downloaded into my GPS (not knowing anything about them).

So we see a cache that is relativly close to where we are driving on our roundabout way home and decided it would be fun never knowing it was the dreaded Geez Louise cache!!!

Imagine my surprise when we find the first leg and WHAT!!!...into the swamp?!? Are you crazy??...

And then, with little hesitation...off we went trudging through sometimes ankle deep 30 degree water with my hiking SHOES on...SHEESH. So on our way we see what look like relativly fresh footprints (so we figure if someone is caching in this stuff so can we!).

Half way to leg three, I ran into Madmann. Nice guy (with very waterproof shoes...haha). Always fun to meet another cacher in the middle of a freezing swamp.

All in all this was a great cache, and inadvertently a very happy moment as I can cross this one off the list. YES!

Thanks Urkel for a dasterdly placed cache. TNLNSL.

Szuchie. ;)

I found it! 20 Aug 2005 by  Rayman77  (Finds: 104  Score: 393.5)    (Hidden: 10  Score: 32.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Whoa, I was here a few weeks ago and forgot to log here. What was I thinking? Anyways, not many bugs from what I remember and ground was soft but not muddy. First two parts were found quickly, while the final took a bit longer. Lots of potential spots back here! Thanks.

I found it! 21 Jul 2005 by  Mr_Z  (Finds: 85  Score: 308.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Found no water and no mud in the cache area.
Legs 1 and 2 were fast finds but spent about 40 minutes looking for leg 3.
Had to go into a circling mode (like a vulture!) to find it.
Wild life observed: 1 small rabbit on the path near leg 1 and about 10+ really
big turkeys between legs 1 and 2.

I found it! 12 Jul 2005 by  Exit Mundi  (Finds: 26  Score: 97)    (Hidden: 4  Score: 17)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

A great summer day for a walk thru the dried-up swamp. Found the first two parts easily and had a little trouble with the last part before Tabby uncovered it.
TFTC Great White Urkel!

I found it! 13 Mar 2005 by  mickemt  (Finds: 172  Score: 590.5)    (Hidden: 71  Score: 266)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Out with Urkel & BarbershopDru. Great day for a walk in the swamp! Very nicely done Urkel!
Took WG$, left golf ball.

I found it! 16 Nov 2004 by  strikeforce_sunset  (Finds: 45  Score: 177)    (Hidden: 6  Score: 23)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Yupp! I guess I'm FTF on this page! LOL
Went on a Cache Recovery Mission for the owner, took some time to find the missing leg(2), but all is well, again. Thanks for the work-out and hide.
T/ geocaching buttons
L/ WG$
TFTC Strikeforce1*out-and-about*

[Modified 2004-11-17 14:11:46]

Note 14 Nov 2004 by  WhiteUrkel  (Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Man, is anyone ever going to find this thing on this website? Maintenance visit today, found the second leg missing! I'm leaning towards some knucklehead moving it, as no one other than geocachers or white tail deer ever go in the swamp. DO NOT LOOK FOR THIS CACHE, UNTIL I FIX IT.


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