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by Robereno
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 32° 59.425'   W 116° 43.762'
Descanso,   California   91916
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 08 Mar 2002
Waypoint (Landmark): N00161
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Cache type:  Unknown
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Difficulty: gps gps gps (moderate)
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Best in the Sping when the wild flowers are in bloom.
You will need an Adventure Pass to park at the trail head.

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Cedar Creek Falls is a beautiful spot that was popular in the 20's. In those days you could drive to it from Lakeside by following the San Diego River. Today it is only legally accessible from the Saddleback trailhead. Be cautious when exploring the top of the falls. The rocks are slippery. A young student fell to her death in 1926.

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I found it! 23 Jun 2002 by  MikeChmi  (Finds: 27  Score: 135)    (Hidden: 7  Score: 40.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I pulled into the trailhead area around 7:30 pm. I figured I could run to this one, be there before it got too dark and get back out, if I ran, before complete darkness. Then I could hit the "Sherilton Valley Cache" in the dark, but as you'll see it didn't happen that way.

I geared up, grabbed my petzl headlamp, my mini-mag flashlight, and my borrowed walking stick and headed off at a light jog. Unfortunately I hadn't read the logs and made my first mistake of the night, I choose the center trail instead of the right one. From this point on is where it started to go downhill. Jogging along the trail I eventually came to a split. I went left and ended up right beside a little shack and an old camper sitting there, (still curious why all that was there). Anyway followed the trail that became progressively less and less of a trail. My jogging soon slowed down and then stopped all together as I had to carefully pick my way along what may or may not have been a very primative trail through the scrub brushes, cacti, and razor plants (my name for them). With the failing light and questionable trail this trip was starting to loose it's appeal, and I was wondering it I'd still make it before nightfall. I considered turning around and taking the other path but figured the light was running low and this may be the proper trail, plus if not it should hook back together soon. That was my second mistake.
Before long I was trying to pick my way through all the shrubs, razor plants etc. and as the trail disapeared into nothingness I prressed on. Soon my legs were hurting from brushing and banging against the plants and the hunt had started to loose it's fun. I figured that the "real" (though it was the wrong one anyway) trail must loop and when I got to the point I thought it would be at I was greeted with no trail in sight and a steep gorge type drop off. By this point I figured it was shorter to head up the hill (yes that hill you all wisely went around) instead of turning around and going back. Didn't really want to tack that trail back with those evil plants. It was then that I looked down and noticed the plants and torn and slashed my legs leaving me bloodied.
I shrugged and climbed the hill along a rocky area that had fewer razor bushes. I crested the hill looked around and noticed there was no trail to the right, so I figured I'd just straight towards the "spur trail" point. That way I was sure to get on the trail, which I wanted to do as it was past when the sun technically set at 8:00, and the last thing I wanted was to be trying to get out of my current predicament using only a couple flashlights.
As the distance to the "spur road" dropped I thought great I'll still be able to get to the cache before total darkness covers the area. Then as I continued on in the distance I could see the trail, I was just about to rejoice when I got to the edge of the cliff and realized there was no way to get from where I was to the trail. My concern went from getting to the cache before total darkness set in to getting on the trail before total darkness set in. So I turned to the right and started heading along the hill top hoping to find a semi safe way down. As I plodded on and darkness continued to overtake the are(the sun had set almost 20 minutes ago) I thought about backtracking to the begining. But realized that it was imperative that I got off this #@$% hill before my only light was the moon and my lights, otherwise this trip could take a bad turn.
I came upon a spot that didn't look as steep as the others and headed down, leaning backwards and keeping my weight level with the slope of the hill as I zig zagged down the slope trying to pick the safest path. Several times the loose sand slid away and I had to "ride the wave" til I could jump onto solid rocks. Between "riding the wave" and scrambling down the large boulders (picking up more cuts and bruises along the way and the whole time trying to watch out for snakes) I finally got close to the trail, right when I thought I was home free (5 feet from the trail) I slipped landed on my arse and bumped my elbow. Finally hitting the trail (at 32 59.785; 116 43.736, look up yep that was where I came down) I let out a sigh of relief as complete darkness fell.
I took a drink from my camelback, turned on my headlamp, pulled out my mini-mag, checked my gps and continued towards the cache because there was no way in #$%% I was leaving empty handed after all that. I came across a couple bats sitting on the trail along the way and finally made it to the reflecting pool (though with the poor lighting conditions I couldn't see much of it). I started scrambling up the rocks and wondered how I was ever going to find a cache hidden amongst all these rocks in the dark when I turned and bam there she was. I took a seat opened the bad boy up and sifted through it's contents. Unfortunately either water got in there or the bubbles leaked so the container is a little wet inside. I considered brinking it back for ya Rob but I wasn't sure that's what you wanted, plus it wasn't in horrible condition, and I really had no desire to carry anything out. I quickly took $1.50 and a first aid package (didn't bother using it) and left a bunch of Padres baseball cards. Didn't read the other logs or write much because I was sore and miserable and just wanted to get the he$$ out of there.
As I headed back to my truck bloody, dirty, bruised, battered, and beaten, the full moon crested the mountains covering the land in her beautiful silvery hue..... and I remembered why I love this game.

Gamehendge Ranger
Erie, PA


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