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cache type Down in the Dumps cache size

by Barrington
(Finds: 23  Score: 99.5)    (Hidden: 27  Score: 139)

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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 03.579'   W 077° 48.168'
Scottsville,   New York   14546
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 23 Jan 2002
Waypoint (Landmark): N00116
Open Cache:  Personal use only
Cache type:  Unknown
Cache size:   Unknown

Difficulty: gps gps gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps gps (moderate)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

The coordinates for Part One have changed, as of 5/24/02. The new spot is near the previous one, but in a more pleasant and interesting place. Please be aware of the thorny rose bushes in the area, and watch out for some woodchuck holes in the main trail that may be hidden in the grass.

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This is a two-part cache, with both parts located in Black Creek Park in the town of Chili, west of Rochester, NY. Part One is located at a pleasant spot in an open meadow which is reached by any of several deer trails leading off the main mowed trail (please "walk like a deer", single file down the deer trails to minimize impact on the vegetation). The coordinates for the second part are marked on a fairly easily found wooden plaque at Part One.

Part two is located not far away in another area of the park and consists of a Rubbermaid container well concealed in an open area a couple hundred feet down a prominent deer trail from a wide path. It can be reached on foot (or on skis in the winter) with no climbing or bushwacking.

Part Two is easy to reach by at least three wide, well traveled routes, but is well concealed. Also, you should be aware that sometimes what seems to be the easy path may have some unexpected obstacles. Also, some possible shortcuts to the cache might cross private property, please avoid doing that. The easiest routes to the cache are entirely within the park.

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  • Cache placement 
    Gur pnpur jvyy or sbhaq oruvaq 2T2>

  • Cache access 
    Gur pnpur pna or ernpurq ba sbbg< ohg abg ba ovplpyr be ubefronpx 8jryy< npghnyyl ol bar ebhgr ba lbhe ubefr9>

  • Weather restrictions 
    Nal abezny nzbhag bs fabj qrcgu fubhyq abg cerirag svaqvat gur pnpur>

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I found it! 24 Oct 2009 by  Darwin84  (Finds: 10  Score: 50.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Nice quick find along with Deers Bedroom

I found it! 24 Apr 2005 by  BrotherChooch  (Finds: 14  Score: 56)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Sunday, 4:30PM
Finally got some time to go out GCing with ScouterMark. Overcast in the 40's and sloggy trails, but still a good day. Fourth (and final) find of the day. Thanks for the extremely clever hide. TNLNSL

I found it! 08 Sept 2003 by  ScouterMark  (Finds: 60  Score: 255)    (Hidden: 9  Score: 25.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Monday, 7:30pm
This was another great hide/location by Barrington. Part 2...We came in from the south off of Union St. and it looked like we would have to do some bushwacking. Luckily for me "E" suggested we hike up the trail a little further to see if there was an easier approach from the north. Of COURSE there was. Walked right up to this clever hide. Swapped Wheresgeorges.
M & E of M.E.G.S.A.
Scottsville, NY

I found it! 04 Aug 2003 by  teamdurant  (Finds: 9  Score: 39.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

We did this cache after we finished Deer's Bedroom. The walk on the wide grassy paths was very nice. Loads of big healthy bunnies coming out onto the path to eat the clover. Eerie walking through the pines after the rain. Came into the cache area through the back door- made like deer on a 'less' prominent deer path. As soon as we were near the cache, it was absolutely no problem. Took a goofy koosh, left a single use camera and signed your log. Hadn't been to Black Creek in years. Thank you for bringing us back. Team Durant
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Note 14 Dec 2002 by  TheHikers  (Finds: 27  Score: 125.5)    (Hidden: 3  Score: 17.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Found this a week or so ago - cute idea for location.

I found it! 19 Nov 2002 by  Wyzyrd  (Finds: 21  Score: 105.5)    (Hidden: 1  Score: 6)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Found this one later on after finding DEERS BEDROOM. A really nice hike. Don't be tempted to bushwack to this one, as you'll miss a really nice path. Easy find, and a great location. Left my usual, and picked up some georges to move west. Logged in, and went to get a late lunch. Very nice hide... Thank you.

I found it! 10 Nov 2002 by  cenobite07  (Finds: 82  Score: 384)    (Hidden: 6  Score: 35.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

As usual, I took a long way in for this one. Unfortunately I tried to take a shortcut on the way out that was even longer....

Since it was a beautiful 65 degree day, the exta long hike was fun.

This was a great hide. I took a G-Buck and left a
nightmare Before Christmas watch.

I found it! 31 Oct 2002 by  Wheelygood  (Finds: 103  Score: 582)    (Hidden: 21  Score: 92)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

My wife will be down in the dumps when she hears about this cache, she has been planning a similar one of her own. Oh well. Found the cache without incident, signed in, snatched Lilliput TB and left.
Thanks for the hide,

I found it! 20 Oct 2002 by  SueShe  (Finds: 54  Score: 226)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

This was our 3rd of three finds for the day. Today the cache was closely gaurded by this mutant wasp-bee. It looked like a wasp with the coloring of a bee....and it was BIG!! We braved the guardian and acquired the cache. Left the yellow "Lilliput" travel bug. Thanks for the hike. Oh yeah, I think we took the looong way in, but fun! Thanks for the hide.

I found it! 11 Aug 2002 by  Harv and Donna  (Finds: 152  Score: 707)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

4th of 4 finds today, 11 Aug 02 Found 1st part at 11:20 AM and the 2nd part at 12:20 PM after doing the 2nd part of Deer’s Bedroom
Spent a few minutes looking around before finally finding it. Saw it right away, but didn’t think it would be there – I was wrong! . A real novel hide. A nest of ants has taken up residence with the cache. Signed log, took/left nothing. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. B for the 2 nice hides and the effort that went into them.
Harv & Donna (without Donna)

I found it! 15 Apr 2002 by  fourpack  (Finds: 68  Score: 352.5)    (Hidden: 10  Score: 52)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Found this one after doing no exit.very tricky but got it anyways.took a flashlight and magic rings left six george dollars thanks ...fourpack

I found it! 14 Apr 2002 by  Broncoholics  (Finds: 93  Score: 444)    (Hidden: 15  Score: 58.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

"Down in the Dumps"
was kinda cool.
Took the right path,
had the right tool.
Saw six deer,
on the side of the trail.
But it wasn't long,
before they started to bail.
Took a cool rock,
and left a George bill.
We signed the log,
then left up the hill.
Looking forward to caching,
at another time.
Thank you Barrington,
for another great find.

The Hughes Family
Hee hee

I found it! 30 Mar 2002 by  Hinge Thunder  (Finds: 106  Score: 521)    (Hidden: 16  Score: 98.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I had already been to the no exit cache so I knew where it was. Issaquah Puppy and I made our way the cache site, got the coordinates of the Down In The Dumps cache. We got back into the car, and drove to the parking lot which was alittle closer. We made our way along the muddy trails, and found the cache. Making our way out, we passed some people, but I didn't see a GPS unit, but I was suspicious that they were that close to the cache site on those muddy trails. Maybe incognito geocachers?

I found it! 17 Mar 2002 by  Blackpete  (Finds: 406  Score: 1774)    (Hidden: 19  Score: 73)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

From part I we took the road and reentered the area between the grassy area and main entrance. It was not hard locating this part from there. Like the item on the tree. Took nothing, left nothing.

I found it! 09 Feb 2002 by  Hiltonfamily  (Finds: 52  Score: 245)    (Hidden: 6  Score: 23)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Now this was an adventure!! We decided to head on out to it after we found MOrgans Treasure. Unfortunately we took the less traveled path. That's the one that the deer or probably the rabbits, made. I know this because the miriad of little trees would have poked the deer in the eye. And there were all kinds of rabbit reminders. Anyway we trugged thru the thicket for about 15 minutes. It really was quite something if you were to close to the person in fornt of you the tree lef their side and whacked you andif you were too far away you would loose sight of the group. We were happy to get out of this but then found we were in a half frozen flooded area. Eventually we had to cross this and were presented with a water peril. Only half of us had boots on. So Fearless carried sweety gal...more than 75% of his own weight! Butterfly girl did a great balance beam thing over a downed log. Eversure looked like the Gollum from the hobbit as he belly crawled on the log. And I held on to Fealress' hand as I side stepped acrost the log. Eversure headed out and right away found the cache....That was when the third peril occured. Somone had left a Playboy magazine open and behind the cache box. Definately an X rated picture....... :( Not what we wanted our 12 year old to see. Nor something for other young eyes so we removed it.

Cache box was in good shape. We took the handwarmers (thank you, thank you, thank you I suffer from always frozen fingertips), plush little guy for Foo the wonder dog and a mini first aide container. We left a Maya Quest CD game, TY Ladybug, Tattoos fromm the Eternal light cache and a wire puzzel.

Thanks for the memorable day...Oh and BTW we found a really easy path to leave on. Unfortunately Sweety gal was so relieved and relaxed by the easy walk that she tripped on a root and knock the breath out of herself... We won't forget this one!!


I found it! 03 Feb 2002 by  Quinn  (Finds: 75  Score: 376)    (Hidden: 34  Score: 132.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Caron was the first to find in our adventure to the cache. I must say also that you did a great job in placing this cache. The weather was quite chilly and a good wind was blowing when we headed out. Due to the rain over the previous couple of days and then the dropping temps made the snow cover up with a good sheet of ice the whole way in. We came to a good size hill at one point and I had my chance to give the Mother-in-law a good push just to watch her zip down like an olympic bob sledder, but I knew what I would face when she was able to climb back up the slope, thus I decided not to. I had a great deal of fun spite the weather and am glad I took up the adventure. we signed the logbook and I took nothing and left (2) wheres George bills for tracking purposes. Once again thanks so much for taking the time to make such a clever cache. I look forward to more of these in the future.

I found it! 03 Feb 2002 by  Caron  (Finds: 73  Score: 350)    (Hidden: 2  Score: 6)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

found this with quinn around 12:30, a little icy but, a nice walk. a great deal of work went into this one, great job.left the hitch hiker turtle and a small first aide kit. caron

I found it! 28 Jan 2002 by  Gimpy  (Finds: 41  Score: 195)    (Hidden: 26  Score: 154)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Excellent cache, Barrington. This one rates right up near the top of the list on my favorite finds. Great trails in a very nice area. And a really neat cache placement. Had a great time. Took 2 gps batteries & left some handwarmers.Just in case we ever get any real winter weather. End of January & it's sunny & 50 today. Signed the log & placed the cache back in its spot.Thanks for the enjoyable adventure.--Gimpy--


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