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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 40° 11.211'   W 074° 49.124'
Levittown,   Pennsylvania   19054
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 26 Sept 2003
Waypoint (Landmark): N00AB8
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Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

This is a multi-stage virtual cache exploring some of my favorite buildings in the village of Fallsington. The buildings are located within a few small blocks but you should still allow yourself at least an hour to walk, explore and appreciate the history that surrounds you.
PLEASE NOTE. Some of the houses are privately owned, view these from the sidewalk.

This walking tour is only a sampling of some of the historical buildings you will find in Fallsington.

Limited parking is available at the Information Center, corner of Yardley Ave and Lower Morrisville Rd. Fallsington PA. N 40 11.161 W 074 49.121

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Historic Fallsington, the 300-year-old Quaker settlement where William Penn worshipped and preached. The village is known for its original architecture (17th through 20th century homes of varying architectural styles ) and the continuous presence of the Society of Friends from 1690.

Although the original (1690) meetinghouse no longer exists, three successive ones still stand around Meetinghouse Square. Stand in the Square and look out at a view largely unchanged for scores of years. Walk the streets of Fallsington and find the homes, tavern and schools of the early settlers


N 40 11.141 W 074 49.124
Burges-Lippincott House
Built in 1809, it has one of the most beautiful doorways in Bucks County. In the early 1950’s, plans to demolish this building and replace it with a service station sparked the founding of Historic Fallsington.

N 40 11.122 W 074 49.128
Gambrel Roof House **PRIVATELY OWNED**
The second Friends Meetinghouse built in 1728 (cost of 1000 pounds) was a replacement for the original Meetinghouse, which had burned.

N 40 11.044 W 074 49.203
Schoolmaster’s House **PRIVATELY OWNED**
This home was built by the Meeting in 1758 to attract a Schoolmaster.

N 40 11.091 W 074 49.179
William Penn Center
The third Friends Meetinghouse, it was built in 1789.

N 40 11.129 W 074 49.198
Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends
The fourth and current Friends Meetinghouse, it was built in 1841.

N 40 11.158 W 074 49.139
Stagecoach Tavern
Built 1793 it was first used as a home, then in 1799 it was licensed as a tavern and operated as one until Prohibition. Offered food and lodging to farmers and travelers.

N 40 11.249 W 074 49.203
45, 51 , 57 Main Street **PRIVATELY OWNED**
These three buildings are an example of Gothic Revival architecture ( mid-1800’s).

N 40 11.342 W 074 49.137
Fallsington Library
The Fallsington Library Company was founded in 1800 with a collection of 238 volumes, for the next 70 years it was housed in various village homes. In 1879, this classic revival building was constructed.

N 40 11.260 W 074 49.128
100 Yardley Avenue, the “Manor House” is one of the most gracious of early Fallsington homes. The back section was built about 1690-1700. The two-story front section was constructed in 1816.

N 40 11.220 W 074 49.135
21 ,25 ,31 Yardley Avenue **PRIVATELY OWNED**
These three Federal style houses were built between 1829 and 1830.

N 40 11.211 W 074 49.124
Moon-Williamson Log House
Built in about 1750 and the oldest home in Pennsylvania remaining on its original site. The two huge sycamore trees are said to be ‘bride and groom trees’, they would have been planted in honor of the marriage of the earliest occupants.

Hope you enjoy your walk around Fallsington