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by MOCache
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 15.163'   W 077° 36.642'
This may not be the actual cache coordinate.
Rochester,   New York   14612
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 08 Jul 2001
Waypoint (Landmark): N0000E
Cache type:  Multi-Part
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps gps gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps gps (moderate)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

Going on portions of the Shining Path late in the day will require plenty of insect repellant!

Maps are queued for generation.

UPDATE: 4 / 6 / 2002 I went out to check on this cache as it was reported from another finder that the original container which was of the "Tupperware" type was filled with rain water. Because of this problem I have upgraded the cache container to an Ammo can and replaced the soggy Logbook with a brand new dry one as well as other items.

This is a multi-part cache placed by both myself and the Mighty Quinn. You'll need your wits, some mathematical skills, and a good pair of walking shoes to traverse the Shining Path!

The cache is placed in a Sterilite plastic hobby tote filled with a variety of goodies, including an iCat barcode scanner, a compass, a Salvino Bam-Beano (Babe Ruth), and other items. You'll want to sign the logbook (pen is attached to the inside of the container) and use the disposable camera to take your picture.

Start your journey along the Shining Path at N43* 15.163 W077* 36.642.

To get to your second waypoint, take the first "N" numbers from the starting waypoint of N43 15.163 and subtract the four digit number you will find at waypoint one (above my Entrance)
Example: N43* 15.163 (4315163 - 2008 = 4313157)
Place answer here:

Add 2127 to the answer you came up with above.
Place answer here:

This will be your Nxx* for waypoint two.

Now take the starting numbers for W077* 36.642 and add the TOTAL number of letters for those found at waypoint one
Place answer here:

Subtract 356 from your answer above and this will be your W0xx* for waypoint two.
Place coordinates for waypoint two here:

At waypoint two look for a dedication. (It's a Stone)

Count how many letter "O"s there are total on this dedication and place the answer here :

Next, take the total number of letters there are for the persons name (first and last) and place the answer here:
Take both answers for the letter "O" and the persons name and add them together, placing your answer here:

Add 4316982 to your answer above and this will be your Nxx* for waypoint three.

At the bottom of the same dedication you will see six numbers next to a month. Take the first two numbers and place your answer here:

Add 7741473 to your answer above and this will be your W0xx* for waypoint three.
Waypoint Three coordinates here:

Now, at waypoint three there are several Items here that are the same, If you did your math correctly in the previous waypoints you will be at the correct Item I am looking for.

On this item you will find several numbers, take the first four numbers in their singular form from left to right and place them here:

Take the number from above and subtract it from 4318829 and your answer will be the Nxx* for the actual Cache location.

Take the numbers from the answer you got above for your "N" coordinate and add 3423515 to it, this will be your Wxxx* for the final cache location.
Place coordinates for cache here :

Most of all, have fun!

Clue decoding tables - Top letter or symbol decodes to bottom letter or symbol:



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