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by Dekaner
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 50.745'   W 078° 48.339'
Buffalo,   New York   14220
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 03 May 2003
Waypoint (Landmark): N00556
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Cache size:   Normal

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The Olmsted Park Conservancy has asked our group to assist in a tree planting in Cazenovia Park in Buffalo, NY on May 3rd, 2003.

Note: The above coordinates are for an existing cache in the park. We will be updating the coordinates when we have a definate meeting place.

Our group will be meeting at 8:30 to lend a hand to the Olmsted Conservancy. The tree planting is scheduled to run until noon. All the tools will be provided, though you may want to bring your own pair of gloves.

Afterwards, we will be hosting a pot-luck barbeque in the park. As an added bonus, Dekaner will be replacing the Olmsted #3a cache that went missing last fall.

We will need to provide a head-count for the gathering, so please let us know if you can attend by posting a note below. We also need to know if you will be bringing any children under the age of 16.

Prior to the planting, the Olmsted Conservancy is looking for assistance with the following items. They may be contacted directly at

  • Tues 3/25 & Wed 3/26, 9:00am-12noon at MLK Park- Tree Work and Clean Up

  • 3/25-28 - Fold and stuff letters for development mailing. (5,000 Piece

  • Tues 4/1, Wed 4/2 & Thurs 4/3, 9am-12noon and Sat 4/5,10am-1pm at Delaware
    Park- Thinning, Pruning and Clean Up in Rumsey Woods

  • Tues 4/8, Wed 4/9 & Thurs 4/10, 9am-12noon and Sat 4/12, 10am-1pm at
    Delaware Park

  • Tues 4/15, Wed 4/16 & Thurs 4/17, 9am-12noon and Sat 4/19, 10am-1pm at South
    Park- Clean up, Pruning and Clearing

  • Tues 4/22, Wed 4/23 & Thurs 4/24, 9am-12noon at Cazenovia Park- Clean Up
    along Cazenovia Creek

  • 4/24-25 - Prepare Soldiers Circle mailing. (1,000 Piece Mailing)

  • Tues 4/29, Wed 4/30 & Thurs 5/1, 9am-12noon at Cazenovia Park- Preparation
    for May 3rd Tree Planting