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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 29° 46.050'   W 095° 22.050'
Cache may be on the move/travelling.
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Hidden On: 10 May 2010
Waypoint (Landmark): N02D14
Cache type:  Moving/Travelling
Cache size:   Unknown

Difficulty: gps gps gps gps gps (hard)
Terrain: gps half gps (easy)


This is a MOVING VIRTUAL cache and is NOT at the listed coordinates. Listed coordinates are approximate location of the unveiling ceremony.

After giving it some more thought, I've upped the difficulty to 5. Despite its size, it could be anywhere across the western part of the US and, unlike a normal moving cache, you don't know where to go look for it. I do imagine that with some research, it might be possible to narrow down the search, though.

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To claim this cache, take an post a photo of yourself and/or your GPS with the locomotive.

Union Pacific Railroad unveiled the UP No. 2010 Boy Scouts of America Locomotive on March 31, 2010, created as a tribute to the organization's centennial celebration. The UP No. 2010 honors Scouting's 100-year impact on the nation and the many Scouting enthusiasts in Union Pacific's work force and communities.

The UP No. 2010 is expected to serve for years to come as a reminder of the impact millions of Scouts have had on this country for 100 years.

A very rare honor, Union Pacific has created only 14 commemorative locomotives in its nearly 150-year history.

The BSA-themed locomotive is decorated with a series of four distinct graphics:

  • The national Boy Scouts of America logo
  • The BSA's 100th Anniversary logo
  • The words "100 Years of Scouting"
  • Ten emblems representing stages of Scouting
  • An 11th emblem for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree

The UP No. 2010 locomotive will celebrate the BSA's centennial as it hauls the freight that supports America across Union Pacific's 32,000-mile, 7,000-community network. Because it is one of the newest and most fuel-efficient locomotives, the UP No. 2010 likely will carry service-sensitive consists such as automotive and intermodal trains, traveling from facilities in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Marion, AR, to West Coast facilities in Los Angeles, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest..

The Union Pacific No. 2010 Boy Scouts of America Locomotive was built at the General Electric plant in Erie, Pa., and delivered to North Little Rock, Ark., as UP No. 7469. In the process of having graphics applied in honor of the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary celebration, the locomotive was renumbered to UP No. 2010.

Model GE 4400-horsepower “C45AC”
Weight 207 tons
Length 73 feet, 2 inches Width 10 feet, 3 inches
Height 15 feet, 6 inches
Maximum speed 75 miles per hour
Engine Diesel 12-cylinder

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