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by Kordite
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 40° 27.022'   W 079° 19.529'
Blairsville,   Pennsylvania   15717
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 05 Apr 2008
Waypoint (Landmark): N02910
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The West Penn Railroad as set out in 1855 set out eastbound from Livermore, rounded the bend in the Conemaugh River and then made a fairly straight line towards Social Hall. The problem was that this grade rose 25 feet in less than a mile (a 0.53% grade). While this was not extremely steep, it was tougher than it otherwise could have been for steam engines to haul a line of cars up.

In 1882, the tracks were realigned to more closely follow the Conemaugh River. While this lengthened the climb to 1.75 miles, the grade became a much easier 0.26%.

The junction where the 1882 grade split off of the 1854 grade was called WYE.


I'm not sure. The term WYE refers to a junction in the tracks, either a triangular arrangement that allows a train to turn round or a Y-shaped split in the tracks. I suspect that revering to a "Y" in documents or in writing could be confusing so the Y-junction of many tracks took on a place name of it's own: WYE.

This cache is an ammo can near WYE. The easiet parking is at Social Hall beyond the Westinghouse Plant. (N40 27.053, W79 18.203) It's an easy ride or walk on the West Penn Trail, a relatively easy walk along the pipeline, and then deer paths and bushwacking along either the 1854 or 1882 grades.

Read more at the West Penn Trail Website.


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I found it! 08 Apr 2008 by  Quest Master  (Finds: 105  Score: 511.5)    (Hidden: 45  Score: 210)
    Open Log:  Non-commercial use only

It was a day so nice that a cache had to be done. Since we're not seeing very many caches like this being hidden anymore, this was an obvious choice. I met D@nim@l at his house after w**k (that's a four-letter word that I shall not utter even if Dan did it) and away we went. I know the general area well enough that I didn't bother with the GPS until after we started hiking. We parked at the Livermore access so that we could enjoy hiking over the bridges. I had also planned to do a little maintenance on "Cache of the Living Dead" but we ended up not having enough time for that. The didn't get tricky until after we turned from West Penn Trail and started following a pipeline. We couse see where there were rail grades but we couldn't settle on where to turn to begin the bushwhacking part of this adventure. I think we ended up walking betweenst the two until we reached the Y. Why Wye? I think it's because the guy who made the map wrote that there on a whim. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there never was an actual wye in the track here. What's impressive to me is how much grading had to be done in this spot twice to cross the small ravine a short distance east of the Wye Y Why. And if that wasn't enough, they relocated the tracks again 20 years later and then again 50 years after that! We hurried along to find the cache before they could move things around again and alas we were successful when Dan poked his stick into the right pile of nature's camo. Thanks for bringing me back in here to see this! Johnny.

I found it! 08 Apr 2008 by  Danimal  (Finds: 10  Score: 37.5)    (Hidden: 7  Score: 31.5)
    Open Log:  Non-commercial use only

I conscripted the verenable Quest Master on what I remember to be a decent early April evening. So he picked me up after I got out work, 'cause some of us have to work, and we headed out. QM had hopes to do some maintenance afterward on his nearby N.O.T.L.C. so we parked by the cemetery and walked over from there. We dawdled a bit cleaning off some of the flotsam on the trail. Eventually we made it to the pipeline and over to one of the grades. For the first time in all of the caches I have found in PA, I saw a fox. So that was a bonus, you know. I found several lumps of coal, too. The area was very interesting to say the least. We ultimately found the cache and signed the log. TNLN. The walk back was uneventful and filled with the usual bullcrap we usually talk about. Thanks a lot for finding this place, the history about it and for showing it to us by placing the cache here.


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