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cache type CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Bridge Over cache size

by mother wolf
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 38° 58.385'   W 076° 15.211'
Chester,   Maryland   21619
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 10 Aug 2007
Waypoint (Landmark): N02901
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Cache type:  Unknown
Cache size:   Normal

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Terrain: gps half gps (easy)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Disabled access. Pets are allowed. Parking is a challenge. No fees!

This is a cross listing cache.

All along the trail there are places to eat & get drinks.

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This is a puzzle/mystery cache that will require you to do alittle math. It is filled with fun stuff.

This cache is not at the listed co-ords. The co-ords are for general parking. From here you will need to go to the bench at the beginning of the trail. Take a set of co-ords then ADD .034 to the N. & .334 to the W.. This will give the stage 2 co-ords. Good Luck :)

This is my first series ‘The Cross Island Trail’. It is more diverse than my second series ‘The Matapeake Trail’ & it has something for everyone.

Both trails, which go in cross directions, will give you the chance to explore some varied habitats such as sand beaches, intertidal flats, piers, rocks, jetties, shallow waters, forested wetlands, salt water marshes, & canopied forests. You will have the opportunity to view plants, trees, marine life, water fowl, other birds, insects, mammals & of course reptiles (eeeewwwwww). You will also get some great history.

The Cross Island Trail was started in 1998 & finished & dedicated Sept 8, 2001-just 3 days before 911. The trail runs from Terrapin Nature Area on the Bay, just off Rt. 50 & Rt. 8, to the Chesapeake Exploration Center on the Kent Narrows. Terrapin Nature Area is a 280 acre nature park on the Bay. There is a 3 mile walking trail & 5 unique habitats which include wildflower meadows, with an elevated platform to lookout from, wetlands, tidal ponds, with 2 blinds, woodlands & the beach.

The Chesapeake Exploration Center, located on the ‘Narrows’ is also Queen Anne’s Information Center. It has brochures of almost anything & everything worth seeing & doing in Maryland. There is a museum & outside is a great lookout tower with views of the Chester River & Eastern Bay. There is a small marsh area there with numerous migrating birds such as Mallards & Canada Geese which can be seen in the fall. All year a variety of other birds, butterflies & resident creatures can be seen.

The trail corridor is a 10ft wide paved surface approx. 5.5 miles in length. It is fully ADA accessible & welcomes non-combustible engine ‘personal mobility devices’. The trail has parking, restrooms, phone, food, bike shop, parks, benches, waterways, bridges & even hotels. There is something for everyone. Walk, ride a bike, skateboard or drive from cache to cache.

Whichever you choose, take a few minutes & explore my island. Take pictures to share. Be kind to the environment, keeping in mind that it is delicate regardless of how it appears. Be mindful that we do have poisonous plants & critters in our neck of the woods. PLEASE DO NOT reach in anywhere blind. Explore the areas & most of all…………ENJOY.

If you enjoy this cache you may want to also check out Cross Island Trail - Creepy House, & 1 more Yet to be announced. My second series is the Matapeake Trail with South Trail & Ferry Tales, Cat Tail Bridge & Diet Pepsi vs. Romancoke???? Also watch for Love Point –‘Smokey Joe’, Just Outside the City, No More Fences & Small Bird Park.

Proud member of the Military Association of GeoCachers

Park - CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Bridge Over (Parking Area) N 38° 58.380 W 076° 15.425
Note: Parking in back part of lot

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    Unir n frng cyrnfr< gura ybbx oruvaq lbh /

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I found it! 13 Nov 2010 by  sfcchaz  (Finds: 45  Score: 129)    (Hidden: 1  Score: 3.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I spent the day caching with wizardofmd69 and suzanne. It's a good thing they both had phones to get on the net, as my pocket query somehow failed to load properly and the nearest cache I had was over 30 miles away. The question arised, "Why didn't we park closer?" as we walked towards the cache. The answer, "I parked where you said to park!" TNLN TFTC

I found it! 03 Jan 2009 by  Quest Master  (Finds: 105  Score: 511.5)    (Hidden: 45  Score: 210)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I hit this one and a few others in the series on my way home to SWPA from Ocean City. This is as good a place as any to break up the trip! I dropped by the Chesapeake Discovery Center to use the facilities and the nice lady there fixed me up with a trail map. This was a handy-dandy thing to have as I went about my business of finding a few of these caches. I wasn't sure how well I would fare on the offset coordinate thing (since I have proven myself to be quite adept at inventing ingenious ways to screw up the simplest of math problems) but this time, at least, I came up with numbers that landed me right on the prize. The hike on the trail was nice even though it is rather noisy on this stretch. Thanks for the fun! Johnny.


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