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by Rogheff
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 45.016'   W 088° 14.060'
Wind Lake,   Wisconsin   53185
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 25 Feb 2007
Waypoint (Landmark): N02822
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One fine Friday afternoon, the boys of Troop 507 decided to go on a camping trip. Where might they go? "Let's go to Camp Ka-ha-gon", the boys said. Chief Thundercloud replied, "But Scouts, what happens when it rains? Where will we go to stay warm and dry?"

This is not a question of "if" it's going to rain, it's a question of "when" it WILL rain. "As your Scoutmaster", the very wise Chief Thundercloud carried on,"it's my duty to keep you warm and dry and safe."

The brave Scouts of Chief Thundercloud's Troop are used to inclimate weather. As of this particular camping trip, they have endured 40 adventures in horrible weather conditions out of 47. "Hey Chief Thundercloud, can we get the Barn at Camp Ka-ha-gon?" Why yes, good idea, let's reserve the barn.

Little did we know that "The worst winter storm in recorded history" was headed our way. Mothers were calling - afraid for their babies. Wifes were calling, begging us to come home - lest we get stranded at Camp Ka-ha-gon. Ah, those mothers didn't know that we had Scouts working on their First Class cooking requirements - that means we had enough food to last us for another 5 days if need be!

NO, by golly! Chief Thundercloud is pig-headed. I'm not going to let a little bad weather, forcasted by the National Weather Service, stop our camping trip. If I did that, we'd never go camping (see stats as listed above in exibit A). My Scouts are the toughest in the Council - maybe the state - they ALWAYS camp in terrible weather, they can handle it.

I knew a year ago when we scheduled this campout that it would precipitate - it ALWAYS precipitates! We're camping, rain or shine. "But Chief Thundercloud - the storm...." "No ma'am, we're camping! Call me pig-headed if you like, but we're camping!"

During "The worst winter storm in recorded history", we took a hike on Saturday - beautiful, warm - no blizzard and placed this cache while finding some others. Cacherclan, Knoffer, Mechacacher and the Troop assisted in the placement. Actually they found the location.

We hope you like it!

The worst storm in recorded history? 3 inches of snow and some rain.

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I found it! 27 Mar 2008 by  draconis  (Finds: 21  Score: 66)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
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Out with Jonathan.

I was poking along from the previous NaviCache and checking the PDA to see if it was actually there. Jonathan was ahead with both the GPSs' and I caught up with him circling ground zero. I made one lap and "Found It!". SL and replaced.

I had to be a bit 'Pig-headed' to keep JD out caching after this one, he had gotten a chill and wanted to quit. I told him we could go back to the van, knowing there were more caches back near there, and he would change his mind.


What? A NaviCache FTF? Unbelievable!
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