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cache type 528.33575859 Feet in Burchfield Park! cache size

by HuckleBuckle
(Finds: 77   Score: 273.5)   (Hidden: 67   Score: 223.5)

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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 42° 51.206'   W 078° 45.107'
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West Seneca ,    New York    14224
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 12 Apr 2007
Waypoint (Landmark): N026CA
Open Cache:    Non-commercial use only
Cache type:    Normal
Cache size:    Normal

Difficulty:   gps half gps (easy)
Terrain:   gps gps (easy)


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HB has been having a hankering' to hide an ammocan lately, and found a spot today to do so.

I'm a big believer in Cayuga Crew's philosophy that "Not all the good spots are taken for caches. You just have to look a little harder to find them.." I always thought that Burchfield Park was completely full cache-wise, until I decided to take a walk today and check it out.

It wasn't easy squeezing this one in, but I just had to carefully walk back and forth down a boardwalk jumping between 528 feet from "Cache Me If You Can!" by Brogan, "Where to Next! #5" by the Flashes, and "Charles E. Burchfield" by Fishingjohn to find a spot.

You will be looking for a 30 cal ammocan containing a logbook, an assortment of plastic bugs, a rubber snake, and other caching items. Please put the cache back EXACTLY as found. Have fun and Happy Caching!

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I found it! 16 Jul 2012 by  mickemt   (Finds: 172   Score: 590.5)   (Hidden: 71   Score: 266)
     Open Log:    Unrestricted
OK, I'm really late logging this one on NV.
I found it! 01 Nov 2009 by  jhauser42   (Finds: 8   Score: 24.5)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Non-commercial use only
Found this one while my little one and wife were at the playground. We have always loved this park and are always happy for any reason to come back here. A chance to grab a cache is just a bonus. The area around GZ was very wet today due to all of the recent rains, but the find was fairly easy. Thanks for the fun!
I found it! 26 May 2007 by  WhiteUrkel   (Finds: 172   Score: 635)   (Hidden: 40   Score: 156)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Well, after reviewing all the logs for this cache before logging, I don't feel so bad about my 20 minute, and almost walked away with a DNF, search I'll blame it on near darkness, arrived on site at 8:15 PM. It's grown in pretty well since the cache was placed, and there is a little (but not a lot) of P.I. in the area. I left a biner, TN. TFTC, HB.
I found it! 16 Apr 2007 by  Szuchie   (Finds: 146   Score: 577)   (Hidden: 5   Score: 26)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Another one of several HB caches Chicky, Gregg the TB and I completed today. Thankfully for us there was no math involved on this one (because we all know how that ends up!), just another great spot in this nice park. Once to our zero it took a few minutes to locate this cache - but when we did Chicky was pleased to find the usual HB geo-trade oddities. It was pretty fun watching her play with the big rubber snake. We almost thought about relocating it to "Snakes in a Cache" but we decided to leave it there for future finders to enjoy. Haha.

Thanks for the fun HB!


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