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cache type Rettungsturm cache size

by Renato
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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 18° 43.253'   W 068° 27.215'

Dominican Republic    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 31 May 2005
Waypoint (Landmark): N019E3
Open Cache:    Personal use only
Cache type:    Normal
Cache size:    Micro

Difficulty:   gps (easy)
Terrain:   gps (easy)
Misc: No restrooms (water closets) available No pets are allowed. Parking is a challenge.


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Dieser Cache ist auf einem Rettungsschwimmerturm versteckt und gut erreichbar zu jeder Jahreszeit.
20m NN
6m GPS Genauigkeit

This Cache is hidden and well attainable on a rescue float tower at each season. 20m NN 6m government inspection department accuracy www.ifa


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Note 10 Mar 2012 by  ecki29664   (Finds: 6   Score: 17.5)   (Hidden: 4   Score: 14.5)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
This one doesn't exist anymore...

The Baywatch tower is gone also...
Note 11 Dec 2005 by  CrazyPeople   (Finds: 44   Score: 191.5)   (Hidden: 9   Score: 47)
     Open Log:    Non-commercial use only
Here they are!
   camera Photo 1
   camera Photo 2
I found it! 09 Nov 2005 by  CrazyPeople   (Finds: 44   Score: 191.5)   (Hidden: 9   Score: 47)
     Open Log:    Non-commercial use only
Found it!!!
With 2 friends (they were muggels at all :-)) we found it after a nice wlak from our Hotel "Bahia Principe". But a pencil wasnīt in the box, so we took some photos. They will be shown here, when our friends are back (they got our photo-chip).
If you are not in a hotel near, you can drive to the Breezer-Hotel, there you can get to the beach. From the Breezer-Hotel itīs a walk along the nice beach about 45min.
Have fun in the DomRep!!!
Sorry for the bad English :-)

Crazypeople (Germany) and Sonja&Dirk
[Modified 2005-12-11 14:03:17]

I found it! 13 Jul 2005 by  Dive Princess   (Finds: 2   Score: 6.5)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Wreck Diver and I made several trips up the beach to locate this cache and though it was difficult to inconspicuously search the rescue tower, we enjoyed the walk and the view.
I found it! 13 Jul 2005 by  Wreck Diver   (Finds: 3   Score: 8.5)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Unrestricted
Dive Princess and I arrived at the Iberostar Dominicana in Punta Cana on Sunday, July 10 and where we are both rescue workers by trade, we had made it a point to walk the 1,500 feet up the beach to check the Riu rescue float the next morning.

There are several kinds of common micro hides in Massachusetts, but looking around the unoccupied tower, nothing familiar was immediately evident.

Not wanting to draw too much attention to ourselves, we departed and made an effort to locate the Unterstand micro with just as much success. With the number of vacationers growing, we departed for breakfast at our own hotel.

Returning again in the afternoon, we found the tower occupied by uniformed hotel staff. A third return in the early evening still provided beachgoing observers, but we used the tower climb as a photo opportunity to conceal our true intent.

On Tuesday, I had logged on at the Iberostar Dominicana's Internet Center and noted that Truckie45 had located the cache the day before. I also noticed the owner's photographs of the hide and though they helped clarify the search area and the type of hide, I wasn't too keen on trying to locate it.

The next morning, we returned before breakfast and found the tower unoccupied and the beach relatively deserted. We resorted to the photo opportunity ploy and I climbed the tower and searched between pictures. This time I was successful in locating the micro container.

We signed the log and re-hid the micro as found.
   camera The Rettungsturm from the water's edge.
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