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cache type Verizon Parking Lot cache size

by YardBoy
(Finds: 33   Score: 148)   (Hidden: 21   Score: 50)

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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 28° 03.707'   W 082° 22.394'
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Tampa ,    Florida    33637
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 23 Nov 2004
Waypoint (Landmark): N018CF
Open Cache:    Personal use only
Cache type:    Normal
Cache size:    Normal

Difficulty:   gps (easy)
Terrain:   gps (easy)
Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available No pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

I came to Verizon on a biz trip and like to spread the word of "NaviCache". The hide is just a few feet off the parking lot, so be mindful of watchers who could spoil the game.

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Contents in plastic ware:
digital watch
mini FM radio with ear buds
10 Rupee (Indian) bill
1 Rupee coin
Where's George bill for tracking
another Where's George bill

Trade gifts fairly. Post what you've exchanged so others know for what they're traveling. Please re-hide the cache better than you found it ;^)

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Note 20 Mar 2010 by  YardBoy   (Finds: 33   Score: 148)   (Hidden: 21   Score: 50)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Damn, this spot has been muggled twice... what is wrong with people?! Thanks for the re-furb.
Note 20 Mar 2010 by  HockeyHal   (Finds: 0   Score: 0)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
We looked everywhere for it with no luck. In case it was taken and not replaced, we left a blue case with some goodies, so that this place does not go stale. There is a fallen pole off a few feet off the parking lot....that's all I'm saying.
Note 09 Jul 2009 by  YardBoy   (Finds: 33   Score: 148)   (Hidden: 21   Score: 50)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
HazMan: thnx 4 all u've done.
I found it! 11 Jul 2006 by  hazman   (Finds: 3   Score: 7)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Unrestricted
Looks like it to us. We went back again this weekend just to be sure. I placed an orange, 35mm film cannister micro-cache in the same spot as your coordinates, with a log inside so that people who go there will still find a cache. It's not the cool cache you described, but the spot is so good we just couldn't let it get archived. At least this way, there's nothing for the low-life's to steal and people will still get the fun of searching for it.

I wanted to wait until I heard back from you before doing anything else, since it's really your cache. We'll check it from time to time and post the entries to you on this site.
Note 26 Jun 2006 by  YardBoy   (Finds: 33   Score: 148)   (Hidden: 21   Score: 50)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
It was hidden just a few feet off the Verizon parking lot. Do you think it's been pilfered by some over-zealous grounds person or spoil-sport co-worker?
Note 26 Jun 2006 by  hazman   (Finds: 3   Score: 7)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Non-commercial use only
Searched diligently for over an hour and combed the entire area, but found no cache. this is a great place for an inconspicuous cache and we will most likely go back and place a new one there. Found an old car battery and a bunch of beer cans, so we thought it may have been plundered. No matter, excellent place for a search and a good time hunting anyhow.

New cache details in a few days.
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