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by Cracker7M
(Finds: 35   Score: 168.5)   (Hidden: 5   Score: 22)

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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 42° 34.780'   W 077° 59.473'
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Hunt ,    New York    14846
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 16 Oct 2003
Waypoint (Landmark): N00AD6
Open Cache:    Personal use only
Cache type:    Normal
Cache size:    Normal

Difficulty:   gps half gps (easy)
Terrain:   gps half gps (easy)
Misc: Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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This area is a valley hand dug by man, as part of the Genesee Valley Canal. It was one of (if not the most), difficult sections of the canal to build. It is now home to several beaver ponds. The trail is very flat and level, as it used to be an old towpath/railroad bed. It is actually Trail 7 and part of the Letchworth Park trail system. The park now owns this very narrow strip of land between the Park and the hamlet of Oakland, where several remaining canal locks can be seen.

I've included all the important stuff at the top of the description. Following it is some history of the Deep Cut.
The cache container is a normal 50cal ammo can.
The cache is located only a few feet off Williams Rd, and you can practically drive up to it if you wish, but if you do, you will miss all the scenery of a nice, short and level hike.

I've included several parking areas that can be used, depending on the distance you wish to hike. All of the parking coords are at intersections with Trail 7, and all points can be reached directly via this trail.

Parking/Trail heads: All are at intersections.

Williams Rd & Trail 7: N42° 34.923 W077° 59.656
This is the best way to go in, if you want the quick, short hike.

River Rd & Trail 7: N42°34.980 W078°00.160

Park Rd & Trail 7 (Near the Parade Grounds): N42°35.100 W078°01.832

Oakland Rd & Trail 7 (in Oakland): N42°34.690 W077°58.279
(If you park and hike from here, you can also log the 1856 Mule Path cache)

Deep Cut is a valley near Oakland, which was dug thru a mile long hill in part of the most rugged terrain the canal had to pass thru. It is part of what is known as the Nine Mile Level.

This is the section between Nunda and Portage, which also required the building of seventeen locks, the digging of Deep Cut, the attempt at a tunnel thru a point in the Genesee River gorge, as well as the later "pinning" of the canal to the gorge wall, around the same "point" in Letchworth Park, and finally a wooden aqueduct to carry the canal across the Genesee into Portageville.
All of this excavation was done done by hand, as steam shovels did not yet exist.

The Nine Mile Level required the most intensive construction and maintainence along the whole length of, and through out the whole life-time of the canal.

The width of the canal itself was 42ft at the surface, 26ft at the bottom, with 7ft banks and a maintained water depth of 4ft.

The canal boats were built 78ft long, 14.5ft wide, and had a draft of no more than 3 and a half feet.
No part of the boat or load could exceed 9ft high above the water line.

There were 28 stone locks, (17 of which were in the Nine Mile Level), 73 locks made of wood and stone, and 11 made of wood only, over the entire length of the canal.
Each lock was built 90ft long, by 15ft wide.
This only allowed approximately 3 inches clearance on each side of the boat when passing thru the locks!

Construction on the Deep Cut was started on Jan 1, 1839. The Cut itself was dug 73ft deep, and 238ft wide at the top.

In 1878, the canal was officially closed in Sept 1878. In 1880, the right-of-way was purchased by the Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Company. A railroad was then built following and using the towpath of the abandoned canal. The railroad ran until approximately 1962, when it also was abandoned due to excessive maitainenece costs to maintain a solid bed thru the slide area above the Middle Falls of the Genesee gorge.

Today, the section of Deep Cut west of Short Tract Rd still holds much water. There are several beaver dams along this section. It was once home to one of the largest beaver habitats in the Northeast, but in order to maintain the hiking trail along the towpath thru the Cut, quite a bit of the water had to be drained, thus cutting the size of the habitat significantly. A couple of active beaver ponds still can be seen, however.

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Note 13 Feb 2006 by  Cracker7M   (Finds: 35   Score: 168.5)   (Hidden: 5   Score: 22)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
I apologize, but this acche has been archived.

I need to make a custom cache container, so the cache blends in better with its surroundings.

I alos need to slightly move the coords, as there were reports of poison ivy somewhat near the cache.
I could not find it. 19 May 2005 by  Wolf Creek   (Finds: 12   Score: 56.5)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Looked for almost one hour. We must be blind or the cache is extremely well hidden. Will return someday soon and re-attempt.
I found it! 08 Feb 2005 by  Getout   (Finds: 3   Score: 12)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Second for the day! Second of my life. Left a cheaseweasel token and took a Hand made dish from Greece with some change in it. The Beaver damn in the area is spectacular. What wonderful weather. BEWARE OF SKUNKS!!
I found it! 29 May 2004 by  Shilfiell   (Finds: 82   Score: 353)   (Hidden: 3   Score: 6)
     Open Log:    Unrestricted
The logbook entry before mine mentioned a balloon festival in the area, and sure enough we saw hot air balloons on our way to the cache! They were only one of the many sights that made this day special. There was the not-terribly-charming deer carcass alongside the road, the assorted bunnies and groundhogs and animal hidey-holes, the old lock, the pretty lilacs...and of course the most lovely sight of all, that ammo container at the end of the walk. For some reason I couldn't seem to hang on to more than one satellite with my Magellan today, but the old reliable Garmin 48 came through on this one and led us to the right area. We did have to poke around a bit and let the dogs investigate a few likely lairs before I nearly tripped on the darned thing. No need to use the Wonder Nose of Rocket the Caching Russell Terrier (happy birthday, big guy!) for either of our caches today. I traded a Simba (or was it Nala?) bobble and an ice scraper for a CITO kit but I didn't stop to pick up any deer bones on the way back to the car. Eww.

Thanks for a nice walk on a lovely evening!

I found it! 28 May 2004 by  road rash   (Finds: 30   Score: 130)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
While on the way to Dansville for the Music Fest Balloon Rally, I along with Balloonpilot, Chickenlips and ww gobstopper went in search of this cache. The area was very scenic and the cache was in great shape. Took a blue clock clip and left a Kurt Busch Bobblehead. Thanxs for the fun.
I found it! 03 Jan 2004 by  Blackpete   (Finds: 406   Score: 1774)   (Hidden: 19   Score: 73)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
This was an easy find (no snow and warm weather) and welcomed after doing some hard, long distance caches today. Took nothing, left nothing.
I found it! 08 Nov 2003 by  Harv and Donna   (Finds: 152   Score: 707)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
1st of 2 Finds Today 8 Nov 03 Found at 12:30 PM
Thought that I would take a break from deer hunting and see if I would have any better luck finding a cache or two since I wasn’t haven’t any luck getting a deer. What a great to day be out caching. Nice and cool and sunny. Loved the walk down the old RR bed, such an interesting area. Scared up some ducks from one of the beaver ponds. When the GPS said I was there looked around and I was almost standing on it. Signed log, took small vise grips, left batteries and a padlock. Thanks Cracker for the nice hide.
Harv & Donna (without Donna) Dansville, NY

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