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cache type Golden Hill Hiker's De-light cache size

by hornet
(Finds: 20   Score: 75.5)   (Hidden: 2   Score: 7.5)

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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 43° 22.221'   W 078° 28.507'
This may not be the actual cache coordinate.
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Barker ,    New York    14012
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 13 Jul 2003
Waypoint (Landmark): N00732
Open Cache:    Personal use only
Cache type:    Multi-Part
Cache size:    Normal

Difficulty:   gps gps half gps (moderate)
Terrain:   gps gps (easy)
Misc: Drinking water available. There are restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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This is a multi-part cache placed by RobN Hood and me. In addition to the normal geocaching equipment, bring a pencil and paper. You'll be taken on a hike through one of the many New York State parks, learn a bit about the area and enjoy some great views. Don't forget your camera!

The cache is a 50 cal. ammo can filled with a variety of goodies. Sign the logbook to tell others what you thought of your visit. There is an admission fee to one part of the park, but if you start your quest at N43 22.221 and W78 28.507, you can park for free.

Step 1: Put on your walking shoes, mark the coordinates of your car and head to N43 22.417, W78 28.894. Record the width of the lake in miles and the volume of the lake in cubic miles. Snap a few photos and move onward.

Width in miles ________ Volume in cubic miles __________

Step 2: The next stop is at N43 22.490, W78 29.167. Take some time, look around at this de-light ful spot and record the age, in the year 1941, of the most prominant building in the area.

Age in years _________________

Step 3: Your last clue is at N43 22.322, W 78 29.118. When you get there record the number of butterflies you see with the 12 plants.

Number of butterflies ________________

Step 4: Here is where the pencil and paper come in. Take the starting coordinate of N43 22.221. To the last three numbers (221), subtract the width of the lake in miles, then add the number of butterflies.

Record the answer here: N43 22.___ ___ ___

From the starting coordinate of W78 28.507, take the last three numbers (507), add the age of the building in 1941, then add that number to the volume of the lake in cubic miles.

Record the answer here: W78 28.___ ___ ___

Step 5: Go find the cache!

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I found it! 20 Aug 2005 by  mrsmom   (Finds: 128   Score: 491.5)   (Hidden: 3   Score: 10)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
MrMom and I had a lot of fun finding this one. Great tour of the park. Thanks for the cache!
I found it! 27 Apr 2005 by  mickemt   (Finds: 172   Score: 590.5)   (Hidden: 71   Score: 266)
     Open Log:    Unrestricted
Great tour of the park! A bit wet in spots though.
I found it! 11 Jul 2004 by  WhiteUrkel   (Finds: 172   Score: 635)   (Hidden: 40   Score: 156)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Great park, nice tour. As I approached the end cache, I thought it was rather odd there were signs of recent activity in the area, being that I would be the first finder in almost 6 months (even on the "other" website), but RobNHood himself was just there a couple of days ago on a maintenance run. There are a lot of nice items in the cache, but I quickly signed the log and ran out of there because a) I had shorts on (definately NOT recommended), and b) the bugs were eating me alive. I did however take care to re-hide the container as well or better than found. Thanks for the cache.

I found it! 05 Oct 2003 by  Blackpete   (Finds: 406   Score: 1774)   (Hidden: 19   Score: 73)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
We really enjoyed hiking around the area. The lighthouse was open and we got to climb to the top. There were a lot of people in the park for a party in the "apartment". Saw a fox on the last leg of the cache. Found it at 4:05 pm. Took nothing, left nothing.
I found it! 03 Aug 2003 by  SwampRat311   (Finds: 50   Score: 192)   (Hidden: 0   Score: 0)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
Nice one to do on a rainy day. Folks came along on the trail as we were looking, it was hard to keep quite and not be noticed! TNLN (forgot to fill up the pack)! Thanks for the nice hike in one of our favorite parks!
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