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cache type CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Muskrat Love cache size

by mother wolf
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Coordinates ( WGS-84 datum )
N 38° 58.888'   W 076° 17.690'
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Chester ,    Maryland    21619
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 12 Apr 2008
Waypoint (Landmark): N028FC
Open Cache:    Non-commercial use only
Cache type:    Normal
Cache size:    Normal

Difficulty:   gps gps half gps (moderate)
Terrain:   gps half gps (easy)
Misc: Drinking water available. There are restrooms (water closets) available Disabled access. Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!

This is a cross listing cache.

All along the the trail are places to eat & get drinks.

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This is a med camo'd lock & lock.

This will take you along another section of the CIT. It is a fun walk with a chance to stop on yet another bridge to watch the fun critters down below.

If you are lucky you will get to see the source of the title. If not you should at least get to watch some of the native residents in the trees, & maybe on the shore line.

Once you get to GZ have a seat on this 'DIFFERENT' bench while you look thru the 'stuff' & sign the log.

Watch for folks on the trail as it gets pretty busy at times. If you decide to wonder off the path please keep in mind we have some nasty creatures along the water & in the woods so be careful. Also be careful near the cache as it could be slippery. Please replace cache well so the next person can also hunt it. Thank you & ENJOY!

Proud member of the Military Association of GeoCachers

PARK - CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Muskrat Love (Parking Area) N 38 58.788 W 076 17.356
Note: If parking is full here you can park in lots close by.

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I found it! 03 Jul 2009 by  sfcchaz   (Finds: 45   Score: 129)   (Hidden: 1   Score: 3.5)
     Open Log:    Personal use only
I was over on the Island and decided to visit a few caches while there. It took me a couple minutes on this because of the obvious distractor. Then I spied the different bench. TNLN TFTC
[Modified 2009-07-03 14:37:17]

I found it! 03 Jan 2009 by  Quest Master   (Finds: 105   Score: 511.5)   (Hidden: 45   Score: 210)
     Open Log:    Non-commercial use only
I hit this one and a few others in the series on my way home to SWPA from Ocean City. This is as good a place as any to break up the trip! This was the last of four caches in the series that I did today. Since I was already conveniently parked in a spot that was proximate to this cache, I decided to go for it before continuing the long journey home. I liked this section of the trail the best because it was away from the traffic and noise. There were a lot of people out enjoying the trail in spite of the cold but none at the cache site where I made a quick find. Thanks for the fun! Johnny.
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