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Geocaching with Navicache


Geocaching With Navicache provides the following links to help assist our visitors with obtaining additional information about geocaching, GPS equpment and other related items.


Regional Geocaching Sites

Iowa Geocachers Organization -IGO   IGO is an informal organization of geocachers from in and around Iowa. The organization is open to anyone interested in geocaching in Iowa

Maryland Geocaching Society - MGS   Membership in MGS is free and open to all ages and it doesn t matter whether you actually live in Maryland or not.

Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization - NoVAGO   NoVAGO is a group of Northern Virginia geocachers who are committed to promoting safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly geocaching.

Louisiana - LAGC   Dedicated to the advancement of all things Geocaching. LAGC's purpose is to promote the sport of Geocaching in the State of Louisiana and beyond.

North Louisiana Geocachers - NELAGeo   Dedicated to the North Louisiana geocaching community as a way for everyone to learn about the sport and to promote geocaching in a safe and ethical way.


Geocaching Related PodCasts

Podcacher   Brought to you by Sonny and Sandy, a husband and wife geocaching team in Southern California who have created a podcast about geocaching.

Centennial State Geocaching   Join Art and Karen at Centennial State Geocaching as they explore Colorado and neighboring states with the goal of Geocaching fun.


Other Sites of Interest For Geocaching

Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint   has by far the best clickable maps for locating and obtaining a link to cache pages in a specific geographical area. Just one click of a pin mark within his world map and you are ready to go Geocaching. Also contains a nice links section as well as great news and information about Geocaching. This is one site you will want to add to your favorites.

GeoCachers 4 Christ - GC4C   GC4C's aim is to provide a forum that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship amongst Christians of all backgrounds.

Military Association of GeoCachers - MAGC   Geocaching group of Military members, their families, Retirees, Honorably discharged Vets.

Geocahing Online Geocaching Online offers a regularly updated blog, an extensive resource directory, daily news, Geocaching events listing and more. Be sure to stop by and check them out. is for all those Geocacher's out there that just can't get enough of their GPS. Here you can try something a little different and more competitive like "GeoDashing" (a virtual form of Geocaching), "GeoDashing Golf", "Minute War", and more. A great site by "Scout" he also offers Navicache Statistics (listing counts for caches owned and found right here on Navicache) and a brief accurate history of the sport of Geocaching. So be sure to pay them a visit.


Geocaching and GPS Accessories, Software and Equipment

Magellan GPS©   The company that introduced the first hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Be sure to check out their exciting and innovative products, including the Meridian, Meridian Gold, Meridian Platinum and eXplorist GPSr's, and accessories.

Delorme   manufacturer of GPSr's, Accessories, Software and Equipment

Lowrance   manufacturer of GPSR's

Garmin   Makers of the Garmin line GPS Equipment.


GPS Equipment Information and Review Websites

GPS Information by Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel is by far one of the best and most complete GPS information and review websites you will ever find. If you can't find an answer here about GPS and navigation you won't find it anywhere.



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